Our specialties are wide ranged, each featuring the latest equipments to ensure maximum accuracy and swift results. We create the perfect bridge between doctors and patients through preventing care by making patients aware of the problems that ail their health.

Following are a list of specialities we excel in:

General Medicine:

Shree Krishna Diagnostics has the most seamless general medicine department with the best that the medical community has to offer: with the latest technologies, experience staff and highly qualified consulting physicians. Our General Medicine department deals with Diabetology, ENT, Opthalmology, Pediatric, Gastroenterology and other specific fields.


Our cardiology department offers the best procedures for general as well as critical cardiology diagnostic services. At Shree Krishna Diagnostics, patients can find the best technologies like TMT, Echo Cardiography and ECG.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology:

Shree Krishna Diagnostics offers flawless Obstetrics and Gynaecology diagnosis services in the form of on-time risk assessment, follow-up OB, transvaginal GYN scans, fetal survey, and biophysical profiles. Our digital software for ultrasound facilities helps mothers with detailed, swift reports.