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The first private site in INDIA to install the, latest breakthrough in computed tomography (CT) technology that uses 2 X- rays and 2 detectors (2 * 64 slice) at the same time, delivering high resolution images in half the time.

The X-ray energies interact differently with bone and soft tissue, which can be used to better differentiate and distinguish plaque levels on artery walls, narrowing of the arteries, calcium scoring and abnormal heart vessels at an early stage.

Each slice is acquired in 83 milliseconds. Whole scan is completed in four to five seconds on this machine, and the image is much better.

Up to 50% less radiation exposure.


Shree Krishna Diagnostic Centre is pleased to offer the high field strength Siemens 1.5 Tesla- the most comfortable MRI experience. It delivers exceptional quality images. Patients can rest easy inside and the physician can test easy with a confident diagnosis.

  • The extra-large circumference accommodates people of all sizes
  • Minimizes claustrophobia
  • Many exams can be done with the head outside of the systems
  • Ultra-light weight coils
  • Head to toe scanning at one go
  • Software advances incorporated in Espree allow sharper and better image quality

This is the only MRI in the region equipped with dedicated breast coils to enable a much better diagnostic accuracy for patients.

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