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What is an ECG Test?

The Electrocardiogram (ECG) test checks and records the electrical activity of the heart during expansion and contraction and displays it in the form of waves. Doctors then study the reading by looking at the dips and spikes on the waves to interpret the health of the heart. The test also determines whether the heartbeat is regular or not. While a healthy heart should beat at 60 to 100 beats per minute, an irregular beat could mean arrhythmia.

What do you need to get an ECG done?

If a patient is suffering from chest pains, the ECG test helps doctors determine whether the heart is where the pain has originated. It also helps doctors determine other heart problems like imbalances in blood chemicals that control heart activity, a cardiac arrest, inflammation of the heart, poor blood supply to the heart, congenital defects involving the electrical systems of the heart and enlargements of the heart.

How is the Electrocardiogram (ECG) performed?

The ECG test is conducted by placing electrodes on the patient's limbs and chest. A gel is applied on the spots where the electrodes have to be connected. Often, male patients who take an ECG test have to get their chest shaved off before the electrodes are placed there in order to get an accurate recording of heart activity. The procedure is non-invasive and safe for everyone.

How to prepare for an ECG test?

Though no real preparation is necessary, it is commonly suggested that patients avoid a morning walk on the day of the test and have a light breakfast. Male patients should shave their chest before they come in.

3 types of ECG tests

Shree Krishna Diagnostics offers all variations of the ECG.


It is common today for athletes and active individuals to push their limits. At Shree Krishna Diagnostics, the Stress Test can be done on patients to test their cardiac fitness and endurance limits.

It is a good idea to advise patients to not go for a walk in the morning or do any kind of exercise on the day of the test. Diabetic patients must not alter their regular medication before the test.

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